I have worked as a senior copywriter for the large and the not-so-large, from teeny-tiny startups, to non-profit Planned Parenthood, multi-billion dollar real estate projects, and everything in between. I’ve  written across a broad spectrum using crisp, taut and engaging prose – amusing or otherwise (see gallery below).



As an (actor-trained) speechwriter I have written for business leaders of all stripes. I have put words into the mouths of the powerful to help Wall Street's most prominent CEOs master the universe of public speaking. I have also been known to include a few jokes. Sometimes, they've even gotten a laugh...



I was writer and story editor for this amazing little movie. Eight years in the making, A Son of Man was chosen as Ecuador's official entry in the foreign-language category for the 91st Academy Awards, 2019. The film goes into general release this October.



Some of the most fun I’ve had was working as a product reviewer, talking up (or down!) all the weird and wonderful items you never knew you needed – from whisky and wine, to luggage tags and lip gloss (all basic essentials in my book).



My first novel was published (pseudonymously) in 2017. An ELLE BOOK OF THE MONTH, it was longlisted for THE AUTHORS' CLUB BEST FIRST NOVEL AWARD, 2018. I've just completed my second, a crime-y, psychological thriller set in New York.



As a brand strategist, leading workshops is a fun way for startups and their teams to nail down the 'character' of their brand and its USP (see gallery below).