My Story

In 2017 my first novel was published (pseudonymously). An ELLE BOOK OF THE MONTH, it was also nominated for the AUTHORS' CLUB BEST FIRST NOVEL AWARD 2018. Most recently I was writer and Story Editor for movie A SON OF MAN. Chosen as Ecuador's official entry in the foreign-language category for the 2019 Oscars. it goes into general release October, 2019.

As a writer, my social commentary blog, Britical, got me started. I began it in 2006 and it ran for seven years. These days, I am an author, speechwriter, copywriter, UX Writer, and occasional screenwriter based in New York City. As a content strategist I help brands come to life through smart marketing and the written word. As a speechwriter, I have worked with some of Wall Street's most prominent CEOs.

My experience spans the large and the not-so-large, from multi-billion-dollar real estate projects to teeny-tiny startups and non-profits. Clients love me for my brainstorming workshops that get the job done, and for my ability to write across a broad spectrum using crisp, taut and engaging prose – amusing or otherwise.

My expertise covers digital and print, brand strategy, UX writing, product naming, workshops, content marketing, editing, articles and reviews, speechwriting, troubleshooting, de-wonking/de-jargonizing, scripts and re-writes – and anything else you care to throw at me. With a Prof. Cert. in Executive Coaching and Organizational Development from NYU, I'm uniquely placed to work side-by-side with clients from concept to execution.

I have been interviewed about MBAs for MonsterJobs, and written my own script as a live commentator on SiriusXM radio. Certified by Wilderness Medical Associates, I also did a stint as a SAR professional specializing in remote environments and urban mass-casualty disaster scenarios...

In my spare time I have dogsledded across the Wilderness Boundary Waters of Minnesota and camped solo with only one packet of Ramen Noodles and eight waterproof matches. I'm happy to chat about your upcoming project – bonus points if it includes Conversational AI, VX Design, VX Writing, or what constitutes the perfect slice of toast.